Data Conversion and Signal Processing
Data Conversion and Signal Processing

The main objective of the research line is focus on innovative research and development of high-performance data conversion and signal processing analog front-ends ICs, including:
  •    Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
       Video/ Audio Codec
       Power converters
       Data conversion interface for wireless and wireline communication
       Signal processing analog fronts for sensors and autonomous systems

The following are some of the major IC implementation projects:
  •    Design of Power Efficient CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converters with Dynamic Circuit Implementation for Portable Electronics and Autonomous Systems.
       High Resolution CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converters using digital assisted foreground/background calibration for HDTV and high precision data acquisition
       Oversampling and Noise-Shaped Sigma-Delta Modulator for 3G/4G Wireless Communication.
       Ultra High-Speed data converters for optical communication interface
       High Performance analog interface for Electronics Systems
Two strategic goals will inspire this research line. One is to extend the bottleneck in the three important aspects of the data converters including energy efficiency, resolution as well as wide bandwidth and achieve state-of-the-art results, especially for those micro-power applications that aim at portable and autonomous systems. The second is to link research objectives with the advanced needs of the industrial environment, as well as the technology transfer and patenting. The aim favors a fast commercial exploitation of results and sustains the high-tech grown of the country.